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this is true shit...... :(

this is only a poem so ya who cares....

(or they just dont see)

if i wish to cut than let me cut
if i choose to laugh at my fathers death
then let me
if i choose to cry a thousand trars
dont mock me
if i choose to not kill him the first time
dont laugh

cant you see youre rules have led me to this
this fucking life of horror
this fucking life that haunts me every day
this life that i got when it wasnt wanted
this life that i would trade for a soul
for anything
now look at me, like you never have before
actually look into my terrifying eyes
my eyes that tell a story

so take some time to get to know me
like you never used to
everyone would look at the bad side
the violent side, the horrable side
the side that has been abused in so many ways
the part of me that has always has shown on the outside
look at the soul
the sadness inside
because i have a story but you just dont see it
you dont want to take the time
theres never time to know whats happened

the past is so hard to forget
yet so easily seen
so easily shown
the terror that lies
the horrable thing that have happened
you never took the time to really look
look at the clues,
the blood, the sadness, the heartache
and just the lost soul that is


ok so tell me what you all think......
is it ok or did it suck ass???
and keep in mind.....
this is true about me, the shit that has happened.....
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